With more than 25 years of experience, we believe in the utmost ethical standards and quality of grading.

Here At Aakash...

We are a Wholesale and direct importing company of Polished Diamonds. We excel in supplying Natural Whites & White Natts, Champagne, Cognacs, OWLC’s, OWLB’s and as well as Color Enhanced Blacks, Blues, Greens, and Yellows in different shapes. Our diamonds vary in size, from .005 to 5 carats. Many options of our large stones are available on our Rapnet (28313) and Polygon (155617) page.

We have the ability to fulfill any of your special needs. This includes certified stones and providing a variety of unique shapes such as the captivating princess, delicate rose-cut, and picturesque baguette cuts to name a few. We supply parcels in both sorted (gauged) and mixed sizes in the quality and quantity you need. Our diamonds and services will exceed your expectations with the consistency of accurate grading of color and clarity with an excellent cut.

We buy our diamonds from legitimate sources whom are not involved in conflict funding, and are in compliance with the United Nations Resolution. At Aakash Inc. we maintain high standards for our products to assure that our suppliers yield diamonds which are 100% conflict-free.

Here at Aakash no order is too small or too big for us. Consistency and Quality are the foundations of our corporate philosophy, and it is our commitment to these principles that have helped us to build a strong successful business and a family of satisfied customers.

We look forward to having you join our family of customers and build long-term relationships. Please feel free to write an email or call us anytime. We welcome your inquiries and comments.

We Do

As a full service company, Aakash Diamonds ships all products domestically and internationally at the convenience of the customer via overnight, premium shipping through carrier services of your choice.
  • Diamond Melee

    We specialize in Natural White, Brown, OWLC, and Color Enhanced Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, etc in all shapes and sizes.

  • Full Special
    Order Service

    We fulfill your special needs for both certified and non-certified stones and fancy shapes including Princess, Rose-cuts and Baguettes. We can supply straight sizes and parcel of mixed sizes in the quantity and quality you may need with consistent and accurate grading.

  • Memo Program for
    Large Stone & Melee

    For flexibility we provide a memo service for you so there is no risk on your part. We also have a flexible payment plan based on credit approval.

Our Diamonds

We have Natural White, Natural Brown and Color Enhanced Blue, Black, Green and Yellow Diamonds in the shapes and sizes you seek.

"Like a Diamond, every facet of life has it's perks.
Let it shine in the sun to show it's beauty"


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